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Benford Terex 3T straight tip dumper.
It has a capacity of 3Tonne and with it weighing just 2.26T it could be towed by a suitable 4x4 vehicle.
Year 2007 and showing just over 2000hrs ( This is a reading and is in no way warranted)
The tyres are just over half worn. The dumper is powered by a Kubota engine - this is a very good starter and is running in all the photos.
The seat is not covered in splits and the steering wheel is not bent.
In addition to the amber beacon it is also fitted with the now site spec green seat belt beacon.

£4250 +VAT ono

Benford Terex 3T straight tip Dumper PT3000 straight tip Dumper PT3000
Thwaites 1 tonne Hi tip dumper.
This machine is in very good condition and ready for immediate use.
1T capacity skip and an unladen weight of 1.295T
Year 2014 and showing just over 1000hrs (This is just a reading and is in no way warranted).

£7600 +VAT

Thwaites 1 Tone dumper truck for sale
Thwaites 1 Ton Hi Tip Dumper, 2014, AWD, Hydrostatic, only 550 recorded hours, ROPS bar, 90% tyres, Yanmar engine, failsafe braking, centre articulation for stability and traction, adjustable seat, seatbelt, emergency cut-off, high ground clearance, excellent off-road capability, speed of 12K gets jobs done fast. Ex national company, regularly serviced, inspected and maintained. A comfortable and user-friendly dumper with good historical ownership.
Will be workshop prepared and serviced prior to sale.

£9795 +VAT

Thwaites 1 Ton Hi Tip Dumper, 2014 for sale
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