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Used Steel Stillage H-Duty Commercial Quality
1.75Mtr X 1.25Mtr X 1.2Mtr High
Choice Of 4 Available

£125 +VAT

Used Heavy Duty Steel Stillage
| Quantity: 4
18 Used Bauer Otto Galvanised Steel Stillage Box Container. Waste Safe.
47 Available In Total.
They Are Used.
Cost Over £600 Each New.

£2950 +VAT

Galvanised Stillages Waste Safe
| Quantity: 18
Single Stillage with mesh sides.
Type: Small caged
Dimensions: 93x93 height 68 cm
Perfect for storage solutions.
Has been used on a site, and has age related marks.

£60 £54 +VAT

Stillage with mesh sides
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These cages look great when painted, perfect for storing various goods, can be moved around with ease.
As for the size, they are roughly the same dimensions as a pallet.
Has been used on a site, and has age related marks.

£30 £27 VAT Free ono

Steel Mesh Cage
I have some 6ft x 2'6ft approx heavy duty trolleys. For a number of years i stored and easily moved around all the bars for my 4.5 mfr frame. A frame box on the bottom and all other bars in the top.
This giving me the advantage of, on the odd day when i couldn't get my vehicles to the store, simply rolling the most to the vehicle. Saved a lot of handling. There in their red metal primmer colour. And good to go. Priced each

£100 VAT Free ono

Heavy Metal Wheeled Trolley
Choice Of 9 Available, Made From Good Quality Steel Box Section.
Dimensions Approx 4Ft High X 4Ft Long X 30Ins Deep
Purpose Built For Carrying Flat Glass Panels Window Panels Windscreens Etc Etc

£85 +VAT

Glass Carrying Rack , Steel Stillage / Forklift Handling Rack
| Quantity: 9
1 large / strong used storage stillage (toast rack style)

£495 +VAT

Used Toast Rack Style Storage Stillage
Used for storing umbrella style marquees

£90 +VAT

Frame Outdoor Marquee Storage Solution
Click Here

£59.50 +VAT

Steel Stillage 1 Mtr X 1Mtr X 600 High
| Quantity: 112

£55 +VAT ono

10x Steel Stacking Stillages
| Quantity: 10

£25 +VAT

20 x 1mx1m stillages Stackable
| Quantity: 21

£130 VAT Free

3 strong high quality stillages for sale
| Quantity: 3

£200 £180 VAT Free

Three High Quality Strong Stillages for sale
| Quantity: 3

£150 VAT Free

3x Strong Stillages
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