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Sold Whacker - Spares or Repairs - Chepstow

Price: £300 +VAT ono
Used wackers for sale
We have two Wackers Neuson, BH23 & BH24.
Used all the time but now have electric one, so now don't use.
Both still start, but won't run long, either need major service or break for spares.
One whacker has a trolly - see pic.

£300 +VAT ono

Used wackers for sale
| Quantity: 2
Genuine Atlas Copco 22mm hex post driving tool that fits the old atlas 148 army machines. I have a few of these for sale and are probably best classed as new old stock. They may have coloured paint, surface rust and storage marks on them. None have been cut down to suit different pin types.
The price includes postage to mainland UK.

£65 VAT Free

Peg / post driver
| Quantity: 3

Sold Wacker / Breaker - North Wales

Price: £499 ono VAT Free
Wacker Breaker
In very good condition, but has been stood 12 months, starts first time.
Has been used on a site, and has age related marks.
Click on this link to see the full listing and contact details

£499 ono VAT Free

Wacker Breaker

Sold Wacker - East Sussex

Price: £650 +VAT
marquee tools
All the advertised items are now sold. Thank you. Great website.

£650 +VAT

marquee tools
Click Here
It's a genuine WACKER stake driver, complete with genuine WACKER stake driving cup. Completely serviced in June with a new cup fitted so it's in about the best condition I can imagine.

You know what an amazing time-saving invention these are - we get 5ft long bigtop stakes in in 1min and without all the agony and risk associated with sledgehammers.

Smaller stake go in like a knife through butter!

£700 +VAT

Wacker Peg hammer / driving tool

Sold Cobra 148 Wacker - Somerset

Price: £700 +VAT
Cobra 148 wacker in wooden carrying box
Almost new Cobra 148 wacker in wooden carrying box with various attachments

Really cracking machine

£700 +VAT

Cobra 148 wacker in wooden carrying box
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