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Terex RL4000 road towable lighting tower.
Mechanically this is in good condition. The tin work is solid but a little bit scabby.
2441 Recorded hours - these however are not guaranteed.
Year 2005.
4 X 1000w halide bulbs.
110v plug socket.
The boom extends to 30ft.

£2100 +VAT ono

Terex RL4000 Towable Lighting Tower
| Ref #: f0f73f4e0327
Conquip crane skips.
We have 2 available and both are in very good condition.
Year 2007
Swl 2275kg - 1000L.

£300 +VAT

Crane Skip
| Ref #: 2b10980ea0c0
Container loading ramp.
This is a very heavy duty and a well made item.
It is in 3 parts and just slots together to form a gradual ramp.
The overall length is 15' and each ramp is 3' 3" wide.

£800 +VAT

Container loading ramp for sale
| Ref #: 45288e405f13
VT 1 Lighting tower Mk 2
9m max height.
This light rig is in very good condition and seems to have been well serviced looking at the oil colour.
Fitted with a hydraulic-raise 4 light head with the facility to manually rotate, the VT1 is a very popular unit.
Kubota 3 cylinder engine.
Showing just over 7500hrs - All stands and jacks present and working.

£3250 +VAT

VT - 1 lighting tower for sale
| Ref #: 42ea2af480f5
Forklift tipping skip.
As you can see from the photos, this is in A1 condition.
The tipping mechanism is in good order and works as it should.
2500kg max rated load capacity.
The internal sides and rear have been boarded with a hard plastic.

£260 +VAT ono

Skip for sale
| Ref #: d95e7c9d9f16
3500L bunded fuel tank.
This is a very straight fuel cell and comes complete with a 40L per min 12v electric fuel pump.
There is also the facility to connect the fuel supply to a generator but it does not come complete with necessary pipes.
We accept all major credit and debit cards. Please note there is a 2% charge for this service.

£995 +VAT

Fuel tanks for sale
| Ref #: f845e45585a4
Conquip crane concrete skip.
This is in good condition.
The emptying door opens with ease.
This is not new and has a concrete coating as you would expect from an item like this.

£525 +VAT ono

Conquip concrete skip shute
| Ref #: 22a17a812a7b
Excavator rehandling grapple scrap grab.
This is no spring chicken and is heavily worn on about every joint and pin.
It is very well made and is very heavy.
40mm pins.

£350 +VAT ono

Excavator scrap grab for sale
| Ref #: 2ae4e14a2104
Hylite Engineering mobile lighting tower.
Powered by a 2 cylinder Lister diesel engine.
Year of manufacture unknown.

£1600 +VAT ono

Hylite towable lighting tower
| Ref #: cfcc9b47d032
14 tread container steps.
This comes complete with hand rails, landing and landing supports.
These are in good condition.

£900 +VAT ono

Container steps for sale
| Ref #: 53a700980398
Camon TC07 Turf cutter.
Fitted with a Honda GX160 engine.
Good starter with everything working as it should.

£900 +VAT ono

Turf cutter for sale
| Ref #: f30c875d5b18
Yanmar SV15 mini digger.
Full cab glass ( 1 of the windows is broken but will be replaced before sale)
2000hrs showing on the hour meter - this is not warranted as we have not owned from new.

£5250 +VAT ono

Mini digger for sale
| Ref #: b7b6ac63f8a1
3 + 1 anti vandal toilet block
16' x 9'
The unit itself comprises 1 x female with toilet, sink and water heater.
The male has 3 x toilets, 2 x urinals and 2 x sinks with a water heater.
All round, this toilet block is in very good condition with wall heaters and a hand wash station in the gents.
Internally it has been painted throughout to a high standard and is ready for immediate use.

£2350 +VAT ono

Used toilet trailer for sale
| Ref #: b57c5d1ec8b4
Gilkes LB80 diaphragm pump.
We have 3 of these available.
Skid mounted.
This model is a WM (water motor) and is powered by a water supply.
Quick self prime up to 6m in a few seconds.

£275 +VAT

Used pump for sale
| Ref #: 7365cfb173dd
This unit is ideal where no power or water is on site.
It comprises a single chemical toilet that is accessed through its own door. The canteen part is big enough for tables and chairs and is fitted with a sink worktop, water heater and pump. The water is supplied from a plastic tank situated under the counter.
We have cleverly converted a small cupboard space into a clothes drying room with heater and seat.
All this is powered by a 20 kva Genset generator. This has 110v, 240v and 3 phase options. The hour clock shows just short of 8000 hrs but we do not guarantee any clock.

£4600 +VAT ono

Welfare Unit for sale
| Ref #: 76c662a770e2
Terex AL4050D lighting tower.
Road towable with braked axel and ring hitch.
Kubota diesel engine.
This machine is in a tidy condition with all light heads present and working.
Year 2000
Showing 1065hrs these are not guaranteed as we have not owned from new.

£2300 +VAT ono

Towable lighting trailer for sale
| Ref #: 7d87f6a219ac
Terex AL4050D lighting tower.
Road towable with braked axel and ring hitch.
Kubota diesel engine.
This machine is in a tidy condition but only has 3 round light heads with 1 of the glass lenses broken.
Year 2000
Showing 8772hrs these are not guaranteed as we have not owned from new.

£1850 +VAT ono

Used towable lighting tower
| Ref #: 1efb4e29c889
Benford Terex MBR71.
Walk behind road roller comes complete with trailer.
1165 hrs but these are not guaranteed as we have not owned from new.
Good starter and runs well.

£1250 +VAT ono

Used Road Roller
| Ref #: 53d49cf2c056
32' x 10' anti vandal steel construction.
This has been specially designed and professionally converted
For a change this favours the ladies with 7 toilet cubicles, 4 hand basins that are fed with hot water from a separate boiler.
The male section has 2 toilet cubicles and 4 urinals. The 2 hand basins also come with a separate water heater.
This unit is ideal for camp sites, sporting venues and outdoor festivals.
The internals have been painted white - this now looks very fresh and bright.
Click here for more info and contact details......

£7600 +VAT ono

7 + 2 inc 4 Urinals Anti Vandal Toilet Block
| Ref #: 8f73ec923a7a
21' x 9' Anti vandal office/canteen.
This unit is in good condition and very tidy throughout.
Good roof and floor.
Comes with sink, worktop and water heater at one end.
Click here for more info and contact details......

£2600 +VAT ono

White Anti Vandal Office Portable Building Shipping Container Site Office
| Ref #: 760a6a388720
12' x 8' anti-vandal generator store with built in bunded 2200 litre fuel tank with quick release couplings.
Has capacity for up to 115 kva unit.
Very good condition with good locking system.
Comes complete with fan system.
Click here for more info and contact details......

£1900 +VAT ono

Anti-Vandal Generator Store Portable Building Powercell Bunded Fuel Tank
| Ref #: dccc03119a1f
Neuson 6001 dumper.
YR: 2007
Showing 2600hrs this is only a reading and is not guaranteed.
Perkins engine .
405/70-20 tyres just over 50% worn.
Starts and drives faultless.
Click on this link to see the full listing and contact details

£6100 £5850 +VAT ono

Neuson 6001 6T dumper 2007 Perkins engine
| Ref #: c61df05c4f51
Hydraulic scissor lift.
This is a manually operated work platform using the hand pump situated in the basket.
It has a working height of 16'.
When the platform is raised an aluminium ladder also extends so easy access to and from when working.
The platform is 3'3" x 6'5"
The stabilizer legs are also manually operated.
This is ideal where muck and water are present as there are no electrics or sensors.
Click here for more info and contact details......

£1750 +VAT ono

Scissor Lift Down
| Ref #: 90b73a403ef8
32' x 10' anti vandal office.
This has been used for storage and has been shelved out to a very high standard.
It consists of 2 rooms in a 80/20 split.
This is ideal for archive storage of moisture-sensitive items as the unit is lined and insulated.
If you prefer to use it as an office, we could remove the shelving and it would then be possible to utilise the windows.
Click here for more info and contact details......

£3600 +VAT

Portable Office Exterior
| Ref #: f569f7f38f0dA
Towerlight VT1.
Road towable fitted with a Kubota engine.
The lighting tower has a 9 meter vertical mast fitted with 4 x 1000w metal halide bulbs - it has a 360 degree turntable.
This is in good condition and ready for work.
Click on this link to see the full listing and contact details

£3100 +VAT ono

Tower Light VT1 Lighting Tower 4 x 1000w Bulbs Kubota Engine Hydraulic Mast
| Ref #: 70517f8caa9f
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